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Video Teasers of Taken King's Eight Crucible Maps

gameinformer_logo.pngGame Informer has put up video previews of every new Crucible map (teasers that include the intro views and a couple of shots of gameplay) on one handy page. They take place in varied arenas across the system - click the link if you want to know exactly where! There's also a ship in one that looks familiar...

Leviathan | Aug 13, 2015 01:53 pm | link

DestinyRaider.Net Gets Cartographic

destiny-raider-banner_small1.pngCruelLEGACY let the forums know he has updated his Raid-focused website with maps for the Vault of Glass. He's also integrated them into the walkthrough. Clean and easy to read for those who are still learning the ropes or have just been shooting Vex so much you haven't gotten a lay of the land yet.

TAGS: raid, vault, maps
Leviathan | Mar 9, 2015 10:22 am | link

Blind Watch Walkthrough, Gameplay

There is a new Crucible map on display at IGN - this one is called 'Blind Watch', and is set on Mars. The Lars Bakken-narrated walkthrough is embedded below (thanks, petetheduck), but you can also see gameplay linked on the IGN page describing this map. Study these well, and you'll be prepared for battle when the Beta begins!

TAGS: beta, maps, blind, watch
Claude Errera | Jul 10, 2014 09:37 am | link

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