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by Harmanimus, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 09:33 (11 days ago) @ Avateur

I would actually have to counter with the argument that yes, there are studios or even the existing studio which could have done continued Halo justice. The problem is that the high level management of the franchise decided to go in the wrong direction, and consistent mismanagement of the property has led it on a downward spiral. The more human direction of ODST and the more grounded nature of Reach both provide very strong arguements toward Halo within the Human-Covenant war era could have continued on with a high quality bar. The better expanded fiction is the stuff that deals with that era. The choice to dive into the Forerunner and change them from being the implied ancient humanity and a wholly separate species, killing the mystery and the special nature of humans in the universe. The "everything is a fan response" is not a good way to run a franchise.

Take this with a grain of salt because I know I'm in the minority here about the feeling that Reach was a relative highlight, and the general consensus appears to be "space opera good, military sci-fi bad" (as a grotesque oversimplification) as this thread underscores. But that is a bag of cats I don't necessarily want to open too wode.

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