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by Cody Miller, Dinklebot - Never Forget, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 12:36 (38 days ago) @ Korny
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The thing to remember though, is that story works a little differently in video games than it does elsewhere. Some people might disagree, but I think the whole point of a story in a game is to enhance immersion by providing a believable context for your in game actions. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece (I'd say only 3 can be called that in the history of video games). It just has to enhance the game.

You can write the best story, but if it doesn't lend itself to being played it will fail.

Your comment about high concept is pretty spot on actuallly. It's really hard to drive 'gameplay' with exotic non tangible concepts. It's usually the simple things that get us invested, and those things 343 overlooks. Even something as seemingly complex as Last of Us is really about the simple emotion of guilt. Joel's guilt is a plausible reason for us to want to protect Ellie.

What about the domain or the guardians or the mantle influences the 'gameplay' of Halo 5? Exactly.

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