Exactly. Except the opposite. (Off-Topic)

by narcogen ⌂ @, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 00:14 (10 days ago) @ cheapLEY

I'm not saying that I disagree with that thesis, necessarily, but it did look weird to see RO labeled as "good FF" and TFA as "bad FF" when I found RO ponderous, lifeless and boring, and TFA, although more than a smidgen of it was slavish fanservice, was entertaining and enjoyable, for the most part.

I couldn't agree more. I can see an argument for Rogue One being a "better" movie and story, technically.

I can't. Didn't care about a single character in it. Conflicts thematically with the rest of the series, but does nothing interesting with that conflict. Put me to sleep.

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