I need a Cayde detox, lol (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV, Seattle WA, Friday, May 19, 2017, 09:30 (9 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

I just watched the intro cutscene and the gameplay trailer for a 2nd time, and I literally cringed every single time Cayde said anything. Which is strange, because I've replayed a bunch of the TTK story missions and strikes in recent weeks, and he didn't bother me at all there. But with D2's marketing, they're clearly leaning on Cayde as "Mr comic relief", and I find it so lame that I get pulled out of what I'm watching every time I see him. This is just my own personal annoyance to get over, but it made me think about the characters of Destiny in a greater sense. And I think, for me, the fact that we're returning to the characters of D1 hurts D2 more than it helps.

I think the cutscenes we've seen so far look really cool! Great setup for a new game, exciting, climactic battle to kick things off. I thought the little intro story featuring Zavala was good... exactly the kind of thing we needed in D1. I only have 1 problem with it, and that's Zavala. I don't like him. Or Ikora, or Cayde, or Amanda... all the characters from D1 are just paper-cutouts in my mind. Skin-deep caricatures. The idea of spending more time with these characters is a turn off for me.

I found myself wishing I was watching a cast of new characters in these cutscenes. I would have no preexisting attachment to new characters, but in the case of Destiny's cast, D2 is actually starting at a negative.

I hope Bungie will be able to add enough value to these characters that they can overcome their weak introductions in D1. It is certainly possible. I just don't know how likely it is.

I find it funny that you would say this because you just said "all the characters from D1 are just paper-cutouts in my mind" So what is there to overcome? I literally knew nothing about Zavala before now. I just got an introduction to a guy that all I knew about him was that he was blue and a leader. Same goes for Ikora, I know nothing about her. I actually know a little bit about Cayde, but not much. I would be delighted to get more story on them and it would have to bypass any negative stuff other than "they don't have a story"

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