Special ammo restrictions for all. (Destiny)

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Friday, May 19, 2017, 12:34 (4 days ago) @ Schedonnardus

I don't think you would. I even think that's why they introduced the SMG, a close quarters weapon that melts at close range without being an instant kill like a shotgun. With having two primary slots you cover your bases with those and your power weapon is for special scenarios or high DPS.

how does heavy (special,whatever) ammo work in crucible now? if it's similar to how it is now, i can't see why anyone would want to use a shotgun when there will be people with rockets.

Pure speculation, but I would imagine it comes down to how much ammo they each come with. Like a rocket launcher might come with 2 rockets, but a shotgun might have 8 shells. Plus, since it doesn't drop for a whole team, just for the person that opens it, there's no guarantee you're even going to go up against anyone with power ammo.

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