Special ammo restrictions for all. (Destiny)

by stabbim @, Des Moines, IA, USA, Friday, May 19, 2017, 10:53 (34 days ago) @ Xenos

Right, this is the sticking point, I don't see any evidence that the kinetic and energy slots work in D2 the way the primary and secondary slots do in Destiny 1, like I said, I've watched more than an hour of gameplay videos and I've never seen a single player ever get close to running out of ammo on kinetic or elemental weapons. I think the two slots are not meant to be incredibly different on power or ammo rareness, I think they are just supposed to serve different purposes in your loadout (hence the talk about more options with this setup). I could be wrong of course, but in the build they are showing right now ammo is plentiful for everything except the power weapon slot.

This would make sense, since according to someone on the stream, you can use the "same weapons" in both slots. So one of the slots isn't necessarily more powerful than the other (other than burn scenarios).

My guess: All the weapons we currently think of as "primaries" (auto rifles, hand cannons, scouts, etc.) will HAVE an elemental damage type. But only if they're placed in the "elemental" slot in your loadout. If you place them in the kinetic slot, they're just kinetic. So I might have a pulse rifle that's solar. If I put that pulse rifle in my elemental slot, it does solar damage. If I put it in the kinetic slot, it's just kinetic.

What Bungie gains from this is the ability for players to HAVE an elemental damage type on a primary, which they know we like for nightfall burns and such. BUT, because we have to pick only one of our "primaries" to do so, we can still only ever have 2 elemental weapons in total (the "elemental" slot, plus the "heavy" slot, which still has an element icon on it). So Bungie no longer has to worry about the potentially unbalanced situation where a player has 3 weapons ALL doing extra burn damage on a nightfall. Which I think was why they started shying away from elemental primaries in D1.

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