Puzzle is almost complete... (Destiny)

by Stephen Laughlin ⌂ @, Long Beach, CA, Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 02:03 (3935 days ago) @ xgeua
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I filled in the names we found and whatever else I could work out from my photo, Duncan's closeups, the Halo Reach credits and old Breaking In articles. This ought to give us enough of an alphabet to have a go at translating other Fallen text. The big Fallen symbol is still a mystery to me though. I can see an R or T, C, M or S, possibly an I? I don't know.

Letters in parenthesis are ones I'm not 100% sure about either because they're obscured or they look different from other iterations we've seen of the same letters (eg. the IM in JIM, the Y in Marty, and the R in GRAY). I think it looks mostly right.

I haven't been able to come up with anything for the letters colored red. One begins with something like "ONDARI" in the upper right corner and the other ends with "NT" in the lower right. Any ideas?


So far from left to right:

Lorraine Mclees
The Fallen
Jim McQuillan
Pat Jandro
Drew Smith
John Stvan
Ryan Klaverweide
Garrett Morlan
Jason Jones
Christine Edwards
Eric Osborne
Elliott Gray
David Dague

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