Mail Sack (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 19:40 (3927 days ago) @ Pyromancy

I stuffed a request into this week's mail sack. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll get some Bungie help on solving the rest of the puzzle

Thinking aloud here (rhetorical ramblings of a mad man);
Lately, I've strangely been regretting bringing up my findings in this thread right away.
Sure, this could be a localized "puzzle" with absolutely no use beyond the shirt. And maybe I just followed the bread crumbs exactly as they wanted and planned somebody to, but I've been worrying about the possibility that there was going to be more future uses in game that have since been changed/removed as the lead has been discovered? Maybe this could have developed further if it wasn't noticed/"solved" so early?

I love getting confirmation from the sources. It is always nice to have the certainty. But at the same time I've always hated the idea of "crossing the fourth wall". It has always felt like cheating in a way to me.

I don't think Bungie is the kind to punish our finding things that they intentionally hide. I'm sure they knew we'd latch on to Welcome when they put it on their site. If anything I bet they figured we'd get it quicker. I remember seeing it, thinking "Oh! Fallen writing" and then getting busy and forgetting about it.

Anyway you're not allowed to feel bad about it because then I'd feel bad and we can't have that. :p

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