Ondarius (Destiny)

by Stephen Laughlin ⌂ @, Long Beach, CA, Sunday, September 01, 2013, 01:50 (3923 days ago) @ Xenos
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From my short conversation I had with him I believe it means what the House of Devils call themselves, though I could've just misunderstood the way he said it. He didn't say anything about the other string of characters, just that he had made the phrases in the background devlopers' names "for fun" and then was surprised by how quickly we figured it out.

Haha, that's great. He should've just gone all the way and thrown in some office insults.


Funny...we may never have gotten off the ground with the alphabet if all the text on the shirt had been random words instead of names, or we were missing either "Welcome" or "The Fallen" to get us started. Just a few happy accidents, tedious internet detective work and some really clever suppositions!

Updated the overview pic with recent happenings. Maybe we can get the last phrase from Bungie or the artist, as long as it isn't a massive spoiler for the ending of the game or something? :)


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