But what about this image? (Destiny)

by TDSpiral ⌂ @, TDS Gaming Shack, WA, Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 22:13 (3934 days ago) @ Ragashingo
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Unless I'm totally confused, I think those towers are run by the Cabal- they seem to have control over Mars. So I'm not sure if you're saying either 1.) The Cabal are the ones using the pyramids, or 2.) The Cabal are occupying a space that was placed there by the unknown pyramid-race.

As you can see, there's that one last race on the far right that's represented by smoke, a mysterious figure, and the pyramids.

The way they talked about the pyramid image at GDC (you know, it's all secret and stuff) makes it seem like we still don't know the connection.

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