Bungie Fish Tank collaborators/contributors? (Destiny)

by Pyromancy @, discovering fire every week, Thursday, August 29, 2013, 20:51 (3925 days ago) @ Pyromancy
edited by Pyromancy, Thursday, August 29, 2013, 21:08

Besides being Bungie Employees, what could be the common thread with all these folks? The work group that helped develop and create The Fallen? All part of the same internal clan? Folks who appeared during E3? Are these folks themselves "The Fallen"? Voice actors that were used to vocalize The Fallen?

So the Fish Tank has been around for a few years, but could there possibly be some kind of tie to the Fish Tank?

Marty retweeted this image from Jim McQuillan:
"#fish_tank [First] Update: We create fun stories here that we hope U enjoy."

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