But what about this image? (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 23:31 (3934 days ago) @ TDSpiral
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Unless I'm totally confused, I think those towers are run by the Cabal- they seem to have control over Mars. So I'm not sure if you're saying either 1.) The Cabal are the ones using the pyramids, or 2.) The Cabal are occupying a space that was placed there by the unknown pyramid-race.

As you can see, there's that one last race on the far right that's represented by smoke, a mysterious figure, and the pyramids.

The way they talked about the pyramid image at GDC (you know, it's all secret and stuff) makes it seem like we still don't know the connection.

[image] [image]

Well, there really isn't any evidence as to who is running those towers. I think you're right in that all our information points to the Cabal being a major force on Mars, but that doesn't mean they are the only force there. We've only seen two Cabal vehicles so far, their super big "troop transports" and their drop ships and neither look much like those "beam towers" on the surface of Mars.

The beam towers and the pyramids are both made of black metal and have recessed gaps of fiddly-technology-y-bits. My best guess is the towers belong to Race 5 or at least were built by them initially. This is further reenforced by the towers each having a flag with a pyramid in the center of it.

But yeah, there's a lot of unknowns:

- What are those beam towers and who is operating them?
- If the Cabal are the primary race on Mars, why are there black beam towers on the surface that (to me) seem to belong to Race 5?
- Further why are what look like the beam towers on Race 3's panel but the space pyramids are with Race 5?
- Could the Cabal be Race 5's allies, or ground troops?
- Could the Cabal be a race that sells off Mars' resources to the highest bidder, including Race 5?
- Could the Cabal be the unwilling slave race of Race 5?

One final bit of speculation: Perhaps that Race 1 - 5 image is outdated by now? We seem to have structures belonging to Race 5 on Race 3's image. We have a member of The Hive (Race 4) releasing its soul like we've seen the Fallen (Race 2) do in game. As far as we know The Fallen don't use small spherical drones anymore either instead using Shanks.

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