(D'BOMM) DBO Midwest Meetup! (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Saturday, April 28, 2018, 14:33 (2188 days ago)

Back in January, after seeing photos from a DBO PAX West meetup, Stabbim posted how he would love to have a "true" Midwest meetup some day if enough people were interested.


6.5 people responded (Pyromancy commented as 'semi-interested' lol)
Since that thread, other DBOer's have expressed interest or have been volunteered as interested by other community members :)

Please comment to confirm or deny your interest in attending, or to add yourself to this list if you arent already on it. Open to any DBO'er, not just midwest residents.

Here is the List I have so far:

Stabbim, Dame, Breitzen, Beorn, CheapLEY, Kermit, Pyromancy
Nominated as interest-> Levi, BlackTiger, Atsumi, BlueRunner, SpeedRacer

Do any of you have any dates that you definitely could NOT attend on this year? (I have included a list of 2018 conventions below that may be of interest to community members)
I found a great place, but it is so popular it books up fast - current the only weekends left this entire year are SEPT 14-17, SEPT 21-24 and OCT 5-8th. And those will probably get booked up within the next few days too.. so we may want to reserve the space ASAP as they have an excellent cancellation policy.

(1) Des Moines: Stabbin was considering using his own residence for a small gathering, but mentioned concerns about the 'ancient electrical'
(2) Wichita? I think that is where you are Breitzen? Breitzen threw his home in as a potential meetup space as well. How many people could you comfortably host? There is some concern on that location for Beorn and others who are having to drive the farthest.
(3) Kansas City, MO: This seems to be within a few hours of half the people on the current list so I thought it would be a good choice. I also found a home on AirBnB where you can have up to 14 people, 3 BRs but 7 beds, 3 baths, multiple living / entertainment spaces, + 2 stand-up arcade games, a ping-pong table, skee-ball, and poker table. TVs in every room, large backyard plus deck and BBQ grill plus it backs up to a place called Zona Rosa shopping center than has plenty of food choices that we can WALK to - including a restaurant called 'Draftcade' that boasts a lot of Arcade games & pinball machines, generous food portions and large beer selection (60 taps) if thats your thing. There's also a tattoo parlor so we can all get matching DBO tattoos!! hehheh

Drive times to Kansas City, MO from:
Columbia, MO - 2hrs
FLW, MO - 4 hrs
Wichita - 3 hrs
Des Moines - 3 hrs
Minneapolis - 6.5 hrs
Dallas - 8 hrs
Nashville - 8 hrs

PAX South JANUARY San Antonio TX
CES January Las Vegas
Dice Summit FEB Las Vegas
ECCC March 1 - 4th Seattle
GDC March San Francisco
WonderCon MAR 23-25 Anaheim
ConQuest MAY 25-27 Kansas City MO
Sakura-Con MAR 30 - APR 1 Seattle (Anime / Cosplay)
PAX East APR 5 - 8 Boston, MA

Demicon May 4-6 DesMoines IA (SciFi / Fantasy, Gaming)
FanimeCon MAY San Jose CA
A-KON JUN 7-10 Dallas (Anime / Cosplay)
E3 JUNE 12 - 14 Los Angeles CA (Devs & Industry Pros)
Anime Expo JULY 5-8 Los Angeles
SDCC JULY 19 - 22 SAn Diego
GenCon AUG 2-5 Indianapolis (tabletop & PC)
Off. Star Trek Con. - AUG 1-5 Las Vegas
RTX AUG 3 - 5 Austin TX
QuakeCon AUG 9-12 Dallas TX (Bethesda)
DragonCon AUG 30 - SEPT 3rd Atlanta (SciFi / Fantasy, Tabletop, Cosplay)
PAX West AUG 31 - SEPT 3rd Seattle WA
Rose City CC - Sept 7th Portland OR
NYCC OCT 4-7 New York City
BlizzCon NOV 203 Anaheim CA
The Game Awards DECEMBER (watch online)

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