(D'BOMM) DBO Midwest Meetup! (DBO)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Monday, May 07, 2018, 15:26 (2174 days ago) @ Dame117

I REALLY hate to further complicate things, but...

No worries! You're not complicating anything :)
It's good to know your place can still be in the running.
Des Moines is 11+ hour drive from Dallas, so not sure if we'd loose Speedracer.

...my (electrical) issues with hosting really only apply to a large group. I'd originally been thinking of a 15-20 person group, which is what a lot of these things have been typically. ...But... 6 or so (or 2 fireteams worth) is probably fine. So, just throwing that out there, depending on the number of people interested.

So far I think we have 6 'strong' YES's: You, Breitzen, Beorn, Levi, CheapLEY and Myself, plus 4 - 5 more who can most-likely make it but have further to travel so it's not definite: Speedracer, BlueRunner (+1)?, BlackTiger (+1)? and Kermit, and then we have some who are interested but unsure: Zumphry, FyreWulff, Pyromancy and Funkmon (if Des Moines). Plus one mystery person,Atsumi?, I think someone who knows her may want to reach out and invite her and let her know about it :)

I sent her a message. Count on me coming barring some unforeseen problem.

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