(D'BOMM) re: Duluth Option? (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Monday, April 30, 2018, 19:06 (2184 days ago) @ Blackt1g3r

I think you would lose most everybody save for Beorn (not that Beorn isn't awesome or anything, but a handful of DBO'ers is worth more than a single.. yadda yadda) :)

Here are the drive time comparisons:

to Kansas City vs. Duluth MN:
Columbia,MO - 2hrs vs 10 hrs
FLW, MO - 4 hrs vs 12 hrs
Wichita - 3 hrs vs 11.5 hrs
Des Moines - 3 hrs vs 6 hrs
Minneapolis - 6.5 hrs vs 2.5
Nashville - 8 hrs vs 14 hrs
Dallas - 8 hrs vs 16.5 hrs
Detroit - 11.75 hr vs 11.5 hrs

Do we know of any other DBO'ers out that way??
or anyone willing to fly-in for a Great Lakes get-a-way?
Personally I think that would be an awesome vacation area

I am highly interested. I was hoping someone would host a GREAT LAKES meet-up.
Looks like You and also Funkmon are both in good areas for that!
Not sure I could make it, but I am highly interested hehheh

Heck looks like "Thunder Bay" is just 3.5 hrs from Duluth, I could FINALLY get to use my passport!!

I might be closer to you in July.. I may be in OshKosh WI for a week or 2. That is still 5.5 hours from Duluth though.

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