by Dame117 @, Missouri, Saturday, May 05, 2018, 21:05 (2129 days ago) @ Dame117

So the awesome KC house with the skeeball, arcade machines, ping-pong and poker tables ended up booking out within a few days of my post. That place is extremely popular!

That said, this opens up more dates that we could have the meet-up on. Including hosting it sooner than 5-6 months from now :)

What do you all think of August 4th - 6th?
I am not free on weekends of Aug 11th or 18th
Breitzen mentioned 8/18th would not be good for him either
The weekend of the 25th is really close to PAX and may be a conflict for some.

September it turns out is a tricky month for a few people, myself included.

We could still do October 5-7, but BlackTiger is hoping to host a meetup up in Duluth MN on OCT 20th that at least a few of us are hoping to make it to so I don't want to stack meetups too close together because that may affect people's ability (time off, finances, etc) to make it to both.


KC still seems to be the popular vote and conveniently located for the majority of people wanting to go ...however Breitzen may have scored us a place to stay for free in Wichita!

BREITZEN: Did you get a chance to ask your friend if he would allow us to use his rental home free-of-charge for our meet-up? If he says yes, how many beds/baths (how many people can it accommodate)? Is it listed on VRBO or AirBnB?

@BlueRunner - if the meetup ends up being in Wichita rather than KC, would we lose you? What about flying in? If you book at least 5 weeks in advance you could get a ticket for $100 through Southwest. That's probably cheaper than the cost of gasoline.

@CheapLEY Wichita is around 5 hours from Columbia. Do you think you would still make it?

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