I cannot realistically go farther than St. Louis. (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Saturday, April 28, 2018, 17:32 (2180 days ago) @ Funkmon

Looks like even St. Luis would be a long haul for you! It also makes the drive 9 hours for one of the people who first 'signed up' to go. :(

On another note.. I have been hoping someone would host a Great Lakes DBO meetup at some point. I have never been to any of the Great Lakes. It is high on my list of things to see / do in the near future.
Theres a good chance I will be in OshKosh WI this summer around the time of EAA Airventure (July). Maybe we can have a small get together then if you can make it over that way.. plus Beorn in Minneapolis and another community member who is moving from Kansas City to up in MN could join as well hopefully.

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