Opens Google Maps... (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Monday, May 07, 2018, 14:41 (2123 days ago) @ Beorn

@Beorn - yeah I was worried about that extra lengthy drive for you.

Free use of a vacation rental house is very tempting though, so I thought it was worth considering.

It's all still up for discussion. Kansas City, Wichita & Des Moines are all still in the running. Des Moines may be too far for Speedracer though, 11 hours not including stops :(

I'm also going to call out Stabbim here for you as he has said that he'd be happy to have you carpool with him. You get yourself to Des Moines and he will drive the rest of the way! :)

@Breitzen +1 at your response to Beorn. Made me "LOL" as they say these days..

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