(D'BOMM) DBO Midwest Meetup! (DBO)

by Dame117 @, Missouri, Monday, May 07, 2018, 15:13 (2206 days ago) @ stabbim

I REALLY hate to further complicate things, but...

No worries! You're not complicating anything :)
It's good to know your place can still be in the running.
Des Moines is 11+ hour drive from Dallas, so not sure if we'd loose Speedracer.

...my (electrical) issues with hosting really only apply to a large group. I'd originally been thinking of a 15-20 person group, which is what a lot of these things have been typically. ...But... 6 or so (or 2 fireteams worth) is probably fine. So, just throwing that out there, depending on the number of people interested.

So far I think we have 6 'strong' YES's: You, Breitzen, Beorn, Levi, CheapLEY and Myself, plus 4 - 5 more who can most-likely make it but have further to travel so it's not definite: Speedracer, BlueRunner (+1)?, BlackTiger (+1)? and Kermit, and then we have some who are interested but unsure: Zumphry, FyreWulff, Pyromancy and Funkmon (if Des Moines). Plus one mystery person,Atsumi?, I think someone who knows her may want to reach out and invite her and let her know about it :)

So as of right now I'd say we will probably get at least 8 people, but there is already a potential of double that number.

[*]I'm less than 2.5 miles from the Des Moines International Airport. So close that walking from there is not unrealistic (I'm not suggesting anybody will have to).

It's good to be near an airport! We may have Kermit and other fly-ins :)

[*]Des Moines also has a barcade, Up-Down. It's a 5-10 minute drive from my place, as is the rest of downtown, where there are some truly great eats like Fong's Pizza and Zombie Burger.

I want to go to ZombieBurger!!
If this DBO meetup doesnt happen in Des Moines, I think I am still going to have to come by for a visit and a zombie burger! Maybe on my way / our way to Duluth MN in October to BlackTiger's place?! :)

The only possible problem is that I only have one bed, and a couch that I personally don't like sleeping on (YMMV, I guess). So we'd have to make arrangements for air mattresses, cots, etc.

yea that could be tricky :( I'll have to look in the garage and see what I could bring

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