What is the point of discussing something conceptually (Criticism)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Tuesday, August 07, 2018, 12:51 (705 days ago) @ Cody Miller

It conveys very little information actually. If you open your vault, unless you have every thumbnail memorized, you have to move the cursor over an image to get the weapon name and stats. A simple scrolling list conveys more. The icons tell you virtually nothing.

You can pull triggers to get elemental information. Power level is one of the most prominent data points displayed. At a thumbnail level, you don't need more. Knowing weapons by thumbnail is something that happens over time with familiarity. You know this. This is not a design flaw.

Your inventory is limited in size because the screen can only display so many icons. A simple scrolling list would let you carry tons of stuff without having to dismantle items and consumable you no longer need.

But why are you blaming this decision on the UI? Is it not part of the overall design to have a vault? Otherwise we'd see Guardians with a vault-in-your-pocket never landing in the tower because loadouts would be irrelevant. There are more reasons here than UI decisions being made.

It loads images slowly even on the Pro hardware. I have to wait for things to pop up before I can switch weapons around. Style lover function. In a firefight the delay can mean death.

Again, why is this the fault of the UI design? How fast things load isn't a function of the UI, is it? There are many more factors in this example. But nice try on "style over function". NEXT.

It is not as functional as it could be. It is not untrue.

So by what metric are we measuring functionality? Because returning to your claim that I took issue with, you still haven't proven your claim that the UI is about spectacle over function. Try another one.


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