Lol! (Criticism)

by Claude Errera @, Wednesday, August 08, 2018, 12:50 (694 days ago) @ Cody Miller

I think if you are saying that catalyst progress is THE most important thing about a weapon, then we wildly disagree.

I'd say the most important things at a glance are (in order):

1. Weapon Name
2. Light and Element
3. Perks / Mods selections
4. Weapon Stats / Masterworks

I don't need to know perks and mods at a glance, ever.

I need to know weapon stats when I'm comparing two weapons, or (occasionally) when I'm choosing between two Masterworked versions of the same weapon (for example, I have a Better Devils with a Reload boost, and one with a Magazine boost; I use them for different things).

When I'm actively working on a Catalyst, knowing my progress is important - any other time, it's irrelevant. So... an hour (maybe 2) out of the life of a weapon. ('Actively working' means farming to finish it. My Crucible catalysts are not 'actively worked' - I simply use the weapon, and eventually the MW pops.)

For me, the important things at a glance are (in order):

Weapon Type
Light Level

What a weapon is called is FAR less important to me than what kind of weapon it is (Scout, Pulse, HC, etc).

Bungie's system works perfectly for me; I can see the first two things on my list without doing ANYTHING other than opening my character, I can get 3 with a trigger pull (for an entire category), and 4 by mousing over the icon.

If they found a way to unobtrusively show the catalyst value for that hour out of the gun's life, I'd call their system ideal.

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