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by TTL Demag0gue ⌂ @, Within the shadow of the Traveler, Friday, October 04, 2013, 05:31 (3843 days ago) @ ZackDark

I usually do it for the experience, like I did with IMAX Into Darkness, Dark Knight Returns and regular Avengers (all totally worth the extra bling spent). However, I do admit the times where I find it worth it are getting rarer and rarer.

To be fair, my discretionary budget for media is almost non-existent these days. My wife and I have been working on aggressive debt repayment the last couple of years, trying to get unburied from old school loans, mortgage payments, and other bills. Most of the cash I can spare gets reserved for things I'll actually invest time in (like next-gen consoles and certain games that catch my eye), so I can't justify the expense of going to a theater for a movie when I can rent the film and have a more enjoyable experience at home. In order to get me into the theater, the film has to be more than exceptional and catch my interest in some way that makes it stand out. Plus, I'm super picky about my media, movies and music both. Basically, I'm a tough critic. :)

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