Meh (Off-Topic)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Friday, October 04, 2013, 14:14 (3843 days ago) @ Leviathan

Agreed. I've found that the theater near me is kinda crap in terms of projection and sound quality. By that I mean picture not centered on the screen and audio that is sometimes messed up. It's literally a minute from me but I can't go to it anymore because of the quality issues.

Really, there have only been a few times that I think the theater experience was worth it over a quality home experience. I like the ideal concept of a theater, but yeah, you vary rarely get that. I also enjoy it when you get a good audience, not a silent one, but one that laughs and cheers and cringes with you at the right times. But again getting that is pretty rare too. :(

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