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by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Monday, October 07, 2013, 19:17 (3840 days ago) @ Cody Miller

To be fair, the term "IMAX" means relatively little these days. Digital IMAX is often just two 2K projectors used together to get a normal-theater-quality image onto a slightly larger screen without it winding up too dim.
Actual IMAX is awesome.

This pains me to no end. If you're going to pay the premium, at least get the real thing. I have no idea why IMAX is diluting their brand, because even on their webpage they list fake imax theatres under the find a location section.

If the screen is not 100 feet tall and it's not projecting real 65mm imax film (or the digital equivalent 8K), you aren't seeing it for real.

What a wonderful film. I'm going to enjoy processing it. "Don't let go." Goes deeper than I thought. And that music is just coursing through me.

I saw it in "IMAX 3D" in a normal (nice) theater and Cody's right about that being a dilution of the IMAX brand. It was still good, but it wasn't IMAX, not even close. What bugged me most, though, were the shitty glasses they make you wear. I'd actually be inclined to see more 3D movies if I had a nice pair of comfortable, clear, well-made 3D glasses. It makes a huge difference.

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