Data is Data… (Gaming)

by Claude Errera @, Saturday, May 16, 2020, 16:28 (771 days ago) @ Cody Miller

But that is not a reason we must cling to slow and wasteful physical media. DRM is your enemy; DVD is not your savior.

I have no problem buying a game digitally from say, There's no DRM. Every game I've ever bought I can tuck away safely.

P.S. 32 bit titles are still available in the Mac App Store and all titles you previously purchased are still available for you to re-download if you are signed in even if the title is no longer available for sale. The only reason software would not appear on you purchased list for re-download is if the author chose to pull if from the store entirely or it was pulled for TOS violations. So, again, this is about the publisher/author, not the platform/Media.

A publisher cannot 'pull' my physical media.

No, but they can 'pull' your ability to play it. There are plenty of games that require an internet connection (and, presumably, a check-in with a server somewhere) - even if they have a single-player mode, that doesn't necessarily mean you can play it without someone approving (in real time) your doing so.

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