Unreal Engine 5 on PS5 (Gaming)

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You know those wall cracks are the new loading elevator, right? They are in all kinds of games.

Epic Games, Unreal Engine creators, has used a spokesperson to tell Fauxtaku that the crevice scene in the Unreal Engine 5 demo was not a loading trigger and instead was used to show off some up close visuals (and if you listen closely you can hear the audio adjust with a depth of field effect as well). Given the reporting source we can make of that what we will.

Part of the Sony (PS5) presentation that was supposed to be given at Games Developers Conference(GDC) adressed Loading and how Sony are trying to use hardware (along with good development) to attempt to work to eliminate excessive 'Check-in' and those old action stopping Loading triggers we have grown to tolerate over the years.


The entire video was really cool to watch a few months back. I will admit, for the average console player, the presentation is fairly dry and technical. Which is understandable since this talk was supposed to be a roadmap for the development community, not necessarily a customer facing/marketing press conference. I on the other hand truly enjoyed learning about all the technical aspects coming.
I don't claim to know anything more than the next guy about development, integration, and optimization, but I truly love hardware and have a bit of understanding there.

The section near the end (starting ~38:27) regarding audio and the audio engine they are planning to use in PS5 is particularly exciting. Theres a bit of talk about 3D audio, Head Related Transfer Functions(HRTFs) and such, and I kept thinking about how Marty has been talking about immersive audio, Fourier Transforms, and HRTFs for YEARS (The audio implementation by Marty and Team in Golem was absolutely otherworldly)

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