Data is Data… (Gaming)

by Claude Errera @, Saturday, May 16, 2020, 18:10 (773 days ago) @ Cody Miller

No, but they can 'pull' your ability to play it. There are plenty of games that require an internet connection (and, presumably, a check-in with a server somewhere) - even if they have a single-player mode, that doesn't necessarily mean you can play it without someone approving (in real time) your doing so.

The physical versions of these telltale games do not check into a server.

That wasn't my point. The statement of yours I was replying to wasn't "A publisher cannot 'pull' my physical media for these Telltale Games", it was "A publisher cannot 'pull' my physical media."

My response was "yes, they can." Maybe not for Telltale, but the point was that physical media isn't safer than digital media in terms of being able to play in the future. Vortech is 100% correct - it's about the publisher/author, not the platform/media.

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