12 Man DBO Raid Status - IS GO. WE ARE GO. (Fireteam Builder Events)

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Barring any unforeseeable complications, there appears to be enough extra folks with interest for this event to work. So we are go. Do note; If you drop out of the group after we pull off the glitch, you will be unable to rejoin. Odds are, you'll just have to wait. It sucks, I know, but that is probably how the cards shall fall unless the group of us deems otherwise. Colosseum rules. Depending on how things fall, we may do at least two different raids.

Edit: Oh! And don't be late either. All in all this bug is all or nothing, so If you aren't there, you aren't in. It's a big evening with TWO full raids, so I don't want to wait too long. We may just go without.

First one is Last Wish, the mechanics of which are so tightly wound I'm curious to seeing what breaks. To answering questions.

*Spoiler - No.

In the event we take longer than expected, the big thing I'm looking forward to is Riven. If all else fails, we'll just wish to it an attempt to slaughter thusly. Also, I've not checked what the challenge mode is for this week but we may try to pull it off if willing. Might as well, right? Ain't going to be able to pull this off like this again.

Some relevant wishes I would like to enable before our run;


2. [image] (I've had this glittering key for... I don't know HOW long.)

12. [image]

14. [image] (Unless no one in our group needs these eggs. You must have WISH ENDER to pop the eggs.)

Second Raid, per request of Korny, is Garden of Salvation; Divinity Edition. NOTE: If you don't have Divinity, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE STEPS REQUIRED OUTSIDE OF THE RAID FIRST... before you join us. If you don't, then you're not going to get Divinity should we pull it off. Here is a list from IGN on the steps you need to have done before you join the group.

Once in the raid;


And... that is that. We'll see how things fall as the night goes on. I'll probably start pinging folks about 10 or so before show time. We have Robot (and less then 12 folks) to help pull of the glitch, but if we do top off, I'd like to have someone closest to WU (so... that's not me) pull it off since I've seen this glitch work with him on Wednesday. And... that's what I got.

Ye. Haw.

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