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Perhaps think less KotOR and more Fallout 3. Using a sniper rifle in real time you could easily get long range kills by simply aiming down the scope and shooting the bad guys. It didn't matter if you had points in small guns (the skill that controlled sniper rifles) or not. It was only in the more RPG like VATS mode that accuracy and misses would come into play. I expect Destiny to be like that. Guns will likely work Halo style. If you pull the trigger with someone properly in your sights then you will hit them.

That's what I was expecting.

Levels will (hopefully) only control what happens once you hit them. How much damage or shield penetration or stun or whatever your shots do.

That's where it gets iffy, IDK if that kind of fighting will agree with me.
since you asked, mini side rant: I don't like the whole magic thing either, I'm hoping it's a misunderstanding or they have a somewhat plausible explanation for it. I have yet to see any real mixing of sci-fi and fantasy done well except maybe in Star Wars. As much as I value it as a truth, a lot of the time I don't like the application of Clarke's third law*, because at that point you might as well have it be magic, in which case you might as well have it be fantasy-sci-fi or just straight fantasy, in which case you might as well hardly explain anything and not give anything much logic behind it because it's supposed to be about the characters and the unbelievable world, right? and not the exotic but believable world and views on how characters deal with it that makes sci-fi worth even distinguishing from other fiction?

* I tried to link this to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarke's_three_laws and it didn't work, the markup just stayed as markup... does anyone know what the issue is?

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