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Of course it's more necessary in more point-and-click-y RPGs, but I don't think it's irrelevant or should be shunned in a shooter,

I do, but I'll wait until I can actually play the game to make a call on Destiny, in case Bungie can magic gameplay that interests and engages me out of ideas that don't. (the story matters too, but if it's not fun, I won't play it more than maybe a dozen times)

especially one like Destiny* that seems to be taking the focus off of competitive multiplayer.

That's all good and well, but I'm going to play the competitive multiplayer, and unless it sucks or some other mode is way better I'm almost definitely going to play it more than any other mode, so I hope it's good, and I hope it's fair.

*I could also point to Mass Effect again here. Both single- and multi-player modes have leveling systems which impact gunplay, and it works. Going into a multiplayer match with a low-leveled character leaves you somewhat less effective than your compatriots, but not helpless by a long shot.

doesn't Mass Effect not have competitive multiplayer though, just cooperative?

I just wanted to point out here a quote from the latest Mailsack that made me less worried about the competitive multiplayer:

LLamuh: Will competitive gamers have a home in Destiny?
Yes. The most competitive guys at our studio are having a damn good time playing Destiny.
Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer

Of course it just goes back to Bungie makes games that they want to play, but it still makes me happy :)

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