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by Anton P. Nym (aka Steve) ⌂ @, London, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 15:46 (4075 days ago) @ General Vagueness

most FTL travel in fiction isn't based on very sound stuff, at least according to our understanding now, so that doesn't really help

Neither is Halo's Slipspace; if you want star-spanning space operas you're going to have to fudge science-as-we-know-it somehow. Much as I love Halo, the FTL in it was kinda tacked on and I've always griped that weapons technology shown was too primitive for societies that can travel between stars.

IMO Mass Effect did a better job of examining the implications of their FTL drive; the technology drives their shields and weapons tech as well as their transportation, and all of the above influence the societies and politics in the setting. (Even the "magic", biotics, is expressed in terms of using the fictional "Element Zero" to change how inertia affects matter.)

If Destiny handles its technology no better than Mass Effect did, it'll still come out well.

-- Steve notes that FTL may not exist in Destiny, given that the game is confined (so far as is known yet) to the planets in our own solar system, so the level of fantasy in it is indeterminate.

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