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by Phoenix_9286 @, Sunday, February 24, 2013, 21:54 (4076 days ago) @ Dean Hofmeyer (unhh)

I don't like the whole magic thing either, I'm hoping it's a misunderstanding or they have a somewhat plausible explanation for it. I have yet to see any real mixing of sci-fi and fantasy done well except maybe in Star Wars.

Have you played Mass Effect, or are you familiar with the concept of Biotics? IMO it's a very well-executed magic-in-sci-fi system - actually operating on a similar concept to their FTL drives - and works very well in gameplay.

This as well. Biotics are like the Force on steroids, and the in universe explanation is pretty good. Personally I wasn't sold on any sort of Biotics until they started showing off the Vanguard's new abilities in Mass Effect 2 (specifically the new implementation of Lift and homing abilities). At that point I started over in the first game as a Vanguard, and discovered I'd done myself an immense disservice by playing Soldier.

Honestly, if there's anything you should be taking away from all of this, it's that other games have mixed these elements before, and done so successfully. At the very least, you should put away the Jump to Conclusions mat and just wait and see how Bungie plans to implement it all.

I have faith.

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