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I just wanted to point out here a quote from the latest Mailsack that made me less worried about the competitive multiplayer:

LLamuh: Will competitive gamers have a home in Destiny?
Yes. The most competitive guys at our studio are having a damn good time playing Destiny.
Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer

Of course it just goes back to Bungie makes games that they want to play, but it still makes me happy :)

There was also:
Is everything in Destiny made so "lone wolves" like me can enjoy the game as much as the guys who like to play cooperatively?
You won’t be required to partner with strangers to achieve your goals in Destiny. You’ll have all the freedom you need to blaze your own trail. "

Will there be grinding? I hate having to grind for stuff.
Destiny is an action game, so you’ll grind your enemies into dust. "

Right now, that seems to tell me pretty clearly there's no need to worry about coop, and there's no need to worry about stats doing something wacky to your aim. Can we put this to bed until more information comes out?

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