Agog over B.Org? Grab your goggles and ogle this DBO logo.

by ncsuDuncan @, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 16:00 (2790 days ago)

Drumroll, please...

After days of deliberation, countless emails, and only a few instances of blackmail, the DBO admins have finally selected an official logo for the site:


I'd like to thank Dean Hofmeyer (unhh) for creating this logo; it's clean and simple, yet elegantly fits the Bungie.Org logo into a Destiny-esque shape. I think Kermit put it best when he described the design as "Kubricky." Dean, your first DBO shirt is on the house. (Once DBO shirts exist, that is. We're still figuring out the logistics of that endeavor.)

I'd also like to thank everyone that participated in the DBO Logo Hunt threads. While we can't reward you all with free clothing, your contributions will not be forgotten! (Especially if we end up using one of your images for a shirt. I can assure you that we'll consider them all when choosing a design - feel free to post suggestions in the thread!)

So... now what? Well, now we put our new emblem to use. Various DBO pages will be adorned with fresh iconography, so don't be surprised when your browser tabs look different. I also have some secret plans for the logo that will be of interest to anyone attending PAX East next week... (Unrelated question: Buttons are cool, right?)

Judging from the Logo Hunt thread, it's obvious that DBO has an abundance of talented artists. If you'd like to work your own magic on our new logo and perhaps create some DBO-themed desktop or phone wallpapers, you can find the vector file here:


For convenience, here is a quick rasterized image:


DBO denizens, you rose to the challenge - and made it really hard for us to pick only one winner! Keep an eye on the forum for the next challenge...
[ominous music plays]

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