Agog over B.Org? Grab your goggles and ogle this DBO logo.

by thebruce ⌂, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 06:09 (2783 days ago) @ Mr Daax

I'm pretty sure we all understand now that you don't think the best choice was made. Personally, I had my favorites as well (kapowaz, your patches were awesome!). But I have come to realize that this is the best choice for the purposes it serves (props to Dean Hofmeyer (unhh)) I think NsU Soldier said it best when Dean first posted his submission back in the logo thread:

"A 'D' for Destiny and then the Bungie.Org logo? It says everything it needs to, and remains very minimalistic. Good stuff!"

You seem to see the simplicity of the logo as a bad thing; everyone else (at least everyone else who has spoken here) seems to think that the simplicity is great and the choice is an excellent one. I haven't seen any of the artists who contributed complain about the choice that was made. I think they were just happy to participate and share something with the community. Plus, I'm pretty sure we'll see their work on some awesome t-shirts here soon.

I actually commented a couple of times during the process about the unnecessary complexity being put into the designs, with so many focusing on making a 'cool design'. Cool as they may be, my opinion was that logo design simplicity should come first, upon which you can build complexity and add the 'cool' factor. It's much harder to work the other way around.

(20/20, apparently my designs weren't simple enough :P)

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