by Leviathan, The Midwest, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 18:15 (2814 days ago) @ Mid7night

The wait is over! :P

It wasn't my favorite design, but I can definitely see why you picked it to go alongside the existing HBO logo. It's simple, familiar, and still differentiates between the two sites.

Still, I'm gonna keep my favorite, breitzen's design, close at hand. ;)

Congrats on the new logo! :D

There was a huge amount of contenders in my opinion - almost everybody's was squeezed in between 'great' and 'awesome' at the top of my list.

I think for logo-purposes, the simple D fits the bill perfectly. It's quick and informative. But I'm hoping to see folks make shirts and other cool things using all the other great designs that were made! Just because this is the main logo, doesn't mean people can't use their own designs to represent their own corners of DBO, just like you did there!

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