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Bungie's Mea Culpa

The Bungie Weekly Update (Part 1 of 2 - stay tuned for the second half tomorrow!) is online now... and it might surprise you. Luke Smith apologizes for the interview that set off a firestorm of criticism this week, and Bungie offers to make amends by allowing you to buy the digital goodies that come with the Collector's Edition, without having to buy the Collector's Edition. Boom. (Our forum is discussing it, as you may have guessed.) You can find a local copy in our Weekly Update Archive, should you need or want it.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 24, 2015 06:18 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update

Today's Bungie Weekly Update has news for you on a bunch of subjects: goodies coming during E3, Heat maps of last week's Prison of Elders top prison, an interview explaining how the level 35 PoE encounter is going to be changed, information about how the Connection Recovery code is working, and some great Nova Bomb vids. As always, it's local, too. Go read!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 11, 2015 11:26 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - June 4

This week's Bungie Weekly Update contains some good stuff - details on the money Bungie fans have helped give in aid to Nepal, heatmaps of Pantheon showing where you died last week, warnings about cheating (and playing fair in general), notes about things fixed recently, and some great videos. (Well, I really wanna see the first one, but it looks like it's been blocked on copyright grounds.) It's local, too, if you need it searchable.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 4, 2015 10:50 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - a day late

The Bungie Weekly Update dropped yesterday - it's a fun read. Stats on the first week of Trials of Osiris gameplay (including heat maps - oh how I miss thee), teases about the next round, warnings to cheaters... plus the next round of Iron Banner, info on bugfixes, and a couple of great (silent) vids. Go read! (It's local, too, if you need it.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | May 29, 2015 04:36 pm | link

It's the one about the Wolves

The Bungie Weekly Update is now live on (and in our BWU Archive) - go check it out, it has some interesting info. First-day (well, first-three-days) stats on Skolas - I'm astounded by the number of folks who've finished the Level 35 PoE event at this point! There's also info on the Trials of Osiris, including a Challenge event coming soon. There are new goodies in the Bungie Store, details on new Help articles on, and a movie which we pointed out recently but which is ABSOLUTELY worth watching again. Go see!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | May 21, 2015 02:02 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - Full Recovery!

DeeJ has posted this week's Bungie Weekly Update and you can tell we're getting close to the House of Wolves launch as the details are getting a little more scarce, but still exciting! The big Destiny news this week is that Trials of Osiris will be the testing bed for a Connection Recovery system in case you get disconnected due to networking problems. Go read it for full details and to see when update 1.2.0 will (hopefully) launch! (Local, too.)

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | May 14, 2015 06:27 pm | link

More bullets, less talk

The Bungie Weekly Update is live - and along with the fully-expected self-deprecation about the live-streamed Prison of Elders reveal, there's also information about the awesome power of the Bungie community to do good while getting goodies, a summary of the updates expected over the next couple of weeks, and a bunch of housekeeping. Worth a read - go check it out! (Don't forget the local copy.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | May 7, 2015 08:34 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update 4.30.15

The Bungie Weekly Update recaps the Trials of Osiris reveal and highlights some of the Crucible tweaks and changes players can expect after downloading the 1.2.0 update on May 19th. Players who did not purchase The Dark Below will have access to all three PVP maps - neat! Also, be sure to check out how you provide aid to the people of Nepal though the Bungie Foundation. Next stop, The Prison of Elders! Thanks, CyberKN. (It's local, too)

colindosaj | Apr 30, 2015 08:52 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - Reef Madness

The Bungie Weekly Update is live and is chock full of House of Wolves information. There’s a concise summary of what Bungie presented during the live-stream of the Reef (the stream is also archived). There’s also an update on the changes being made to commendations with the release of HoW - woo! The next Iron Banner will start with the weekly reset and DeeJ has the scoop on what gear you’ll be working towards. Be sure to also check out the latest Destiny support update! Lastly, don’t forget to tune in on April 29th at 11am PST for a first look at the Trials of Osiris. (For those who need it, it's local, too.)

colindosaj | Apr 23, 2015 04:13 pm | link

The Week in Review, before it's over

The Bungie Weekly Update, not surprisingly, focuses on the upcoming House of Wolves expansion - but there's plenty of other stuff in there if you're not excited about the Reef. The purple ball changes are detailed (and praised), the Player Support team is there with stuff you might have overlooked, and there are a couple of fun fan vids. (We already noted one of them, but it's worth a second look.) As usual, it's local, as well. Go discuss on our forum!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Apr 16, 2015 04:10 pm | link

You Look Fabulous.

The Bungie Weekly Update is full of interesting tidbits - changes are coming in how both Special Ammo and Heavy Ammo will be handled in the Crucible, and it behooves you to read this stuff sooner than later. Also, Locks for your special gear, helmets in the Tower, Bungie men in kilts, and competition for charity. And cool movies. Go read! (It's local, too.) There's a substantial thread if you wanna talk.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Apr 9, 2015 11:26 pm | link

It's the one with the Raid fixes

It's Thursday - that's Bungie Weekly Update Day! What's in store for you if you read it? Raid fixes, Strike fixes, quitter fixes, heads-up info for Playstation users, and some great user-submitted videos. Go read it! It's local if you need it, and there's a thread on our forum if you'd like to discuss.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Apr 2, 2015 10:32 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - Vault Space, Animation, and more

The Bungie Weekly Update went live yesterday, as it does most Thursdays, and it's worth a read. There are concrete details on the increases to Vault Space coming in the next update (including an explanation of why it's as hard to edit as it seems to be), a very cool GDC talk from Senior Artist David Helsby, a heads-up about a Playstation change coming that will need some extra time for implementation, and more. Check it out! (It's local, too, of course.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Mar 27, 2015 09:31 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update - the ramp-up to 1.1.2

The Bungie Weekly Update dropped, as usual, given that this is a Thursday afternoon in BungieTown... and it's full of things you can look forward to in the next update. Sound options, help for color-blind players, and more - stay tuned over the coming weeks for continuing details! There are also changes to which you should check out, to make sure you can access the info you want, and the normal goodies (new mentors, movies of the week, and so on). Go read! Go discuss on our forum! It's local, too, if you need it.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Mar 19, 2015 07:14 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: 1.1.2 Info

Deej has posted the latest Bungie Weekly Update. This week they discuss the tentative plans for the next Update. Some exciting stuff mentioned, including the much requested increased Vault space! They also go over some long discussed bugs that they are currently looking into. Go read and see if one of your requested updates is mentioned. (Local, too.)

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Mar 12, 2015 07:20 pm | link

Crop Dusting on Steroids

This week at Bungie, they began to look ahead to the next set of tweaks - read about it in today's Bungie Weekly Update! (There's also information about the latest Ride-Along, which will happen tomorrow, and the punch list for the 1.1.1 patch that was released last week.) There's a thread on the forum if you'd like to comment, and there's a local version if you need it.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Mar 5, 2015 11:02 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - the Vault Edition

The Bungie Weekly Update is live on (and here, in our BWU Archive) - and you should read it. It explains the newly-minted Mobile Vault, a much easier way to handle transfers between your characters (or just between your equipped gear and your stored gear). It also describes Inferno, a new game mode debuting next week. And it shows off a couple of cool fan-generated videos. All I need now is some bacon...

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Feb 26, 2015 01:06 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - the buildup to 1.1.1

It's Thursday - and time for another Bungie Weekly Update. This one focuses on the changes coming soon in the next game update - bug fixes and weapons tweaks we already know about, plus stuff we don't. The Heroic Weekly Strike is headed for Matchmaking... and its designer will explain why. And there are some extra bug fixes that will decrease stress levels all over the Destiny landscape. Look for it soon. There's also community news (new mentors, cool/funny submissions from fans, and more), and a cautionary tale. Go read! (It's local, too.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Feb 19, 2015 09:00 pm | link

A Thursdate with Deej - 2/12/2015

The new Weekly Update brings you some nice tasty treats this time around. Doubles Skirmish is the playlist of the Valentine weekend, and there's fun player-created videos... But most importantly there's a taste of what's coming in the next game update - a tweak to the UI that allows players to view their reputations with the various factions of the game at any point they can access the menu. Awesome!

(Korny mentioned it first on the forums, and we have a local copy here as well.)

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Feb 12, 2015 07:37 pm | link

Weekly Update - 2/5/2015

This week's update dropped some hints on upcoming patches, the notable weapon tweaks already mentioned, the House of Wolves DLC... and something this fall? Hmmm... You'll also find some fun fan videos as well as a word on the recently departed Monty Oum of Red vs Blue and other talented creations. (Thanks Korny.)

You can also read it here at DBO.

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Feb 6, 2015 04:01 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update

header_article.jpgIt's Thursday, which means it's time for a new Bungie Weekly Update. The big news this week is that a fix for the Heavy Ammo bug is on the way, which is great news for a lot of Guardians! The landing page also got a fresh coat of paint and you can now see the Daily missions and Weekly Strikes on the front page. Get on over to the Update to check out the rest! (Thanks to Pfhor in the forum for the heads-up.) If for any reason you need it, there's a local version, as well.

TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Jan 29, 2015 03:35 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update 01/22/2015

The Bungie Weekly Update went up last night wherein Deej discusses the Crota's End Hard Mode launch and the world's first champions of it! The new Doubles Skirmish playlist and a short What's Up DOC is also brought to your attention. Read it local here. (Thanks Korny.)

TAGS: bwu, raid, crucible
Leviathan | Jan 23, 2015 11:04 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update - 01/15/2015

A little behind, but the latest BWU tackles Crota's upcoming Hard Mode (which opens next Wednesday) as well as a sample of the rewards (which are quite tantalizing). The update also contains a preview of the Bungie Pentathlon and the usual "What's Up DOC?" section.

TAGS: bwu, raid
Leviathan | Jan 18, 2015 06:18 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: Crota Fixes

The first Bungie Weekly Update of 2015 is posted for your reading pleasure over on Lots of good stuff in there, including some news about significant Crota's End bug-fixes and loot redistribution, as well as a fun look at the weapons of choice for Guardians over the holiday fortnight. (Thanks, breitzen)
TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Jan 8, 2015 10:35 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - Farewell to 2014!

The last update of the year is a reminiscence of sorts, with various team members remarking on some of their community highlights and what the players have brought to the game so far. There's also some fun statistics, a prophecy of some goodies to be delivered, and an update in January! [Local, too.]

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Dec 19, 2014 02:49 pm | link

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