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Bungie Weekly Update - Sparrows and Banners

DeeJ posted the latest Bungie Weekly Update yesterday, right on time - as you might expect, it spends a little time on the Sparrow Racing League, which runs for another week and a half. (Want to know where you fit, with your fastest race times? They've got you covered. At least, they do if you're in the top half of the racers.) There's also information about the next Iron Banner event, dropping the day that SRL goes offline - you can see the loot that will be available during that competition. The list of bug/problem issues (and their fixes) is pretty substantial this week. And finally (but certainly not least), Cozmo's collection of fan films is full of Twilight Garrisons... and it's beautiful. (The 'Wily Titan' video tells me that in the right hands, this is an amazing piece of gear... but I'm pretty sure that I'd bounce myself off an edge in the first 10 seconds.) As always, you can read our local copy if you'd rather.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Dec 18, 2015 09:45 am | link

It's Bungie Info Week!

We're a bit slow this week, but there's lot of new content for you on Patch 2.1.0 went live on Tuesday - you can read the full patch notes (edited today, in fact) there, or here, in our local archive. Some of the damage numbers were a bit wonky (and have been edited a couple of times now); explanations for these changes can be found in today's Bungie Weekly Update (also with a local copy). There's a boatload of other good stuff in there, too - including a piece from Urk which should allay your fears if you were one of the people who worried that 2016 would be full of events like the Sparrow Racing League, but no other substantial content. Finally, there was a Hot Fix this morning, correcting some unexpected behaviors brought on by the patch. (This is local, too.) Go read it all!

Claude Errera | Dec 10, 2015 03:09 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - December 3

The Bungie Weekly Update has dropped - and it contains some interesting tidbits. More details about the December update (including changes to Titan classes!), stats about the Warpriest Challenge (and future iterations of this concept), helpful info about the Refer-a-Friend program, and some fantastic community movies. Go read! (As always, there's a local copy, as well.) Thanks, Korny.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Dec 3, 2015 03:13 pm | link

Early Update Is Early

The Bungie Weekly Update is up a day early this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The update is short and teases at more information coming next week about the King’s Fall Challenge Mode. We also get some stats from last weekend’s Trials, some info about the Refer-a-Friend program, and the usual Movie of the Week winners. Go check it out! (Thanks, UnrealCh13f).

TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Nov 25, 2015 11:37 am | link

Weekly Update, a little late

The current Bungie Weekly Update went live yesterday (as did our local copy), but we neglected to let you know here on the front page. Sorry! Go read it now, because it's chock-full of useful info, most importantly regarding the December update. Lots of weapons tweaks, more exotic engrams, goodies for helpful friends, and more! (The community movies this week are pretty good, too.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Nov 20, 2015 08:38 am | link

BWU - November 12, 2015

Deej is still on vacation, but Cozmo stepped up to make sure we don't go a Thursday without a Bungie Weekly Update!  The rundown is that we will be getting the "November" update sometime next week, which will bring weapon parts for sale from Banshee, additional items such as legendary swords for sale from Shaxx, some changes to crucible bounties, and finally a true fix to the Nightstalker's Quiver glitch.  Also, prepare yourselves for Iron Banner which will be returning on Tuesday, this time with 100% less Control zones!

As always, a local copy is available to read here as well.

Speedracer513 | Nov 12, 2015 07:15 pm | link

BWU - Teases of Previews of Updates

Bungie's picked up on the scarcities many of us have been feeling with weapon parts and in this week's update you'll see what they're going to be doing about it. Spoiler: the gunsmith is getting some new duties. There's also a new statistics section and the usual videos of the week, etc. (Local copy here and ChrisTheeCrappy brought it up in our forum here.)

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Nov 6, 2015 11:44 am | link

Catching Up with the Update

DBO took a long Halloween vacation - apologies for the lack of news!

First things first: there's last Thursday's Bungie Weekly Update which features important info for the newest iteration of Trials of Osiris, print-out Destiny masks, and more. You can read it here at DBO as usual.

TAGS: bwu, trials
Leviathan | Nov 1, 2015 05:25 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - October 22

Bungie's posted this week's Update on - you should read it. They summarize the hotfix this week, discuss updates in Crucible gameplay, remind you that King's Fall Hard Mode launches tomorrow, nag you to keep your space clean, remind you of places to go for help, and show off some great fan vids. (The one below had me in stitches.) Go read (it's local, too) - then go discuss on our forum.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Oct 22, 2015 04:44 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - Play Nice Edition

Summary of the recently-released Bungie Weekly Update: Shadowshot glitch is getting fixed, Trials is on hiatus until it is, Hard-Mode Raid is dropping early (next week!), lots of recent player questions are answered. There's plenty more, so definitely read it for yourself - either at or here. Sound off in our forum if you're happy/sad/angry/thrilled!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Oct 15, 2015 05:05 pm | link

Bungie (Last-) Weekly Update

Yeah, so, I'm not even sure we can consider this a news site; we don't get to the front page often enough. There've been a few fun things over the past few days, though, so let's clear them out. First up: last week, on Thursday, as usual, Bungie posted the Weekly Update. (And, as usual, we localized it at that point. We just forgot to tell you about it.) It's a decent read; it contains a bunch of tidbits you should know. There's information about the Eververse Trading Company (launching tomorrow, actually), there's info about last week's drop of the Sleeper Simulant (if you didn't snag one, the mission - and its prerequisites - will be available periodically going forward), there's info about an upcoming Shotgun nerf. There's a bunch of other stuff, too, but one more thing worth noting specifically - buried in the PVP change log is a link to a really interesting podcast from the Crucible Radio folks - Bungie Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski was a guest, and the discussion was fascinating for folks looking for insight into how Bungie makes some of the decisions they make. Really worth your time. Go read the whole thing - this only touched on the high points!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Oct 12, 2015 03:20 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - 10/1/2015

Deej comes bearing news of Lord Saladin's return! October 13th will see the return of the Iron Banner with some tweaks and modifications. And on October 16th, Trials of Osiris will return with some similar tweaks as well. Gear up, be prepared, and be sure to read about the changes in the coming events on the official site or on our local mirror here.

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Oct 1, 2015 07:19 pm | link

Weekly Update and Destiny Update

We forgot to post about it yesterday, but the Weekly Update arrived with a review of King’s Fall raid top-ten and a blub from Senior Designer Andrew Weldon about the new Zone Control game type that we can find in the Weekly playlist. The weekly update was accompanied by patch notes for Destiny Update which includes bug fixes and mitigation for Three of Coins farming rituals.

TAGS: bwu, update, patch
Beorn | Sep 25, 2015 11:39 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update: Last One Before We're Taken

DeeJ has posted the last Bungie Weekly Update before the launch of The Taken King, which is also the first update of Destiny Year 2! There is some good information in there too! Announcement of a soundtrack for The Taken King (and the previous expansions), new products from the Bungie Store shown off, and some information on issues people may have experienced so far with Destiny 2.0. Go read it! 
TAGS: bwu, 2.0
Xenos | Sep 10, 2015 10:03 pm | link

BWU 9/03/15 - Change Is Coming

Yesterday's update recaps the recent reveals and shows off a new Crucible trailer letting us know that all Guardians, whether or not you bought The Taken King, will have access to the new Crucible maps for a limited time as a preview. There's also some patch notes on more of the changes coming in 2.0, news that the Moments of Triumph deadline has been slightly extended, and some tips in there on how to prepare for Taken King. Local copy is here and you can always discuss/debate the news in our forums here!

TAGS: bwu, patch, notes
Leviathan | Sep 4, 2015 10:16 am | link

Catching Up!

So we missed posting the Bungie Weekly Update last week. It's actually been sitting in our BWU archive but we didn't tell you about it. I'm going to blame all of our admin that was having fun at PAX this weekend and not me, sitting at home not really doing anything but crying.

The update reiterates on the Dreadnaught Strike reveal from earlier last week, the upcoming Edge magazine's cover story, and most importantly (and divisively) reveals changes to Nighfall and Heroic Strikes coming in 2.0.

Leviathan | Aug 31, 2015 09:18 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: Year 2 Is Coming

The latest Weekly Update is up and this week they cover some commonly asked questions asked after their stream yesterday. They also show off the rewards Year 1 players will get, and posted the Youtube archive of the Twitch stream (which you can see below). Less than 4 weeks until Year 2! (See? Told you he hated me. Did he mention the local version? NO.)


TAGS: bwu, year2
Xenos | Aug 20, 2015 06:18 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: More Info to Come

DeeJ has posted the Bungie Weekly Update, and this week they are light on details, but full of promises for more info in the coming weeks. DeeJ lays out the schedule for Twitch streams where they will cover the changes and content that are coming in The Taken King. In addition the Security Response team covers the process for issuing restrictions and bans to players. And of course stick around to the end to see what Community Creations Cozmo has picked out! (It's local, too, but for once it's not Xenos' fault that that fact wasn't mentioned here.)

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Aug 13, 2015 05:48 pm | link

For those not in Germany...

Yesterday's Bungie Weekly Update was Cozmo's first (well, first completely by himself) - and if you missed any of the flood of information pouring out of the media about The Taken King, this has a nice summary. It also has some great pics from Cologne, where the rest of the Bungie Community Crew seems to be. And of course, it's loaded with community creations. (The Hopscotch Pilgrim review is required watching.) As usual, it's local too (and you're reminded of this specifically because Xenos isn't posting this announcement). Go read it, make Cozmo feel useful.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Aug 7, 2015 08:32 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update: The Dreadnaught Awaits

The Bungie Weekly Update is up, and this week it focuses on the Hive Dreadnaught and hints at some of the mysteries we'll uncover within. As is Bungie's style, nothing TOO specific, but there is awesome art, and quite a few good quotes on what they intend to do with this new, enigmatic location. In addition they cover the big winners for Destiny Year One Art Contest, and take a little time to cover the losers who are now suffering from the dreaded Banhammer. [Xenos hates me, but it's local, too. -ce]
Xenos | Jul 30, 2015 05:03 pm | link

It's a shooter.

It went live yesterday, but you know... we were off doing Guardian things. Important Guardian things. Definitely important Guardian things. The Bungie Weekly Update this week focuses on guns... lots of guns. (What else would you need, besides a miracle?) Check out offerings from Häkke, Omolon, and Suros, all available in The Taken King (and some available at Gamestop!)... and maybe drool a little. You'll also find heat maps from ALL currently-used Trials of Osiris maps, because this weekend, the map choice will be random. And you'll find a plea for your email address, for upcoming... somethings. There's a hot fix coming in the next month - details are in the update for you. And the community creations in this week's roundup are a harbinger of things to come. All in all, a solid update - go read it! (If you like, you can even read it in our Weekly Update Archive.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jul 24, 2015 07:12 am | link

BWU - The One About Guns

The latest Bungie Weekly Update has been posted, and this one is a doozy! In addition to the regular post, they have the weapon balance details that will be coming in update 2.0.0 (The Taken King update). The main concerns appear to be addressed (Exotic Hand Cannons, Auto Rifles, etc.) and quite a few surprise balance decisions are revealed as well. Go see what you think! (Local, too.)

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Jul 16, 2015 05:47 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: The Quest to Steamline

The latest Bungie Weekly Update is up! (A day late, but for once DeeJ's fault instead of ours!) Now that The Taken King has been announced it looks like Bungie is ready to drop some juicy details! Take a look at the update to UI revolving around quests and see what Luke has to say about what they're doing! (Local, too.)

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Jul 10, 2015 12:55 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update

As CyberKN pointed out in our forum, the latest Weekly Update has dropped. In it you'll find a nice summary of all the content included in The Taken King as well as a hint at what's to come on Bungie Day next week! Also available in our local low-impact update archive.

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Jul 3, 2015 12:21 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update, Part Two

The second half of the Bungie Weekly Update went up yesterday - and reading it will give you insights into new features, extra support resources, and a fan video supporting a fallen guardian. Shouldn't take too long to read, but lots of good bits. Local, too, if you need it.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 26, 2015 10:51 pm | link

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