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Bungie Weekly Update 12/12/2014

...Wherein Deej talks about (and to) the first conquerors of the new Dark Below Raid, Crota's End, and has a fun little interview with Morla Gorrondona, voice of Eris Morn!

TAGS: bwu, dlc, dark, below
Leviathan | Dec 12, 2014 09:53 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update

This week's Bungie Weekly Update is ready for your perusal. Lots of good information (and anti-misinformation) about the changes we're seeing in Destiny both this week and next, when Expansion I: The Dark Below launches. DeeJ clears up a few things, including some information about the upgrade process for Exotic gear. And the Iron Banner is making a return sooner than you'd think!

TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Dec 4, 2014 07:26 pm | link

Post-Turkey Catch-Up

Still have yet another Thanksgiving tomorrow (not that free turkey is something to complain about), but here's some of the news we've missed:

  • The latest Bungie Weekly Thursdate was posted Wednesday (what?). Not too much to ignite your fire since the holiday was on approach, but hey, you're not doing anything, so go read it. The biggest thing to gleam is the Black Friday sale at the Bungie Store.
  • Xur is in town (our illustrated Xur post will return next weekend after the ham disappears). Go read ChaosSociety's post to see a few things he's willing to trade - I need to go get a Plan C, personally!
  • CruelLEGACEY dropped off some fanart he made - go look!

TAGS: bwu, xur, fanart
Leviathan | Nov 28, 2014 09:32 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update, Nov. 20, 2014

True to last week's promise, the Bungie Weekly Thupdate landed today. I'm still getting used to this schedule… Here's the DeeJ's breakdown:

  • Update 1.0.3. was the biggest yet
  • If you need help with the 1.0.3, see Bungie Help
  • Thorn was accidentally nerfed by 1.0.3
  • The Last Word was not, contrary to Internet hysteria
  • Exotics will be tuned prior to the Dark Below
  • Strikes changed to fix a bug that blocked incentives to team up
  • Iron Banner math explained in line graphs
  • Cheaters have been unbanned (for now)
  • They guy who made the Tumbler is awesome
Be sure to check it out (while you're not doing tricks on your SV-30 Tumbler, that is)!
TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Nov 20, 2014 06:59 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Thupdate err... Thursdate?

You aren't going crazy, the Bungie Weekly Thursdate Update came out on a Thursday this week! Expect the Update Thupdate every Thursday from here on out! Curious about Bungie's future plans for Iron Banner? Wondering how voice chat will work in matchmaking? Well you're in luck! Go read and find out more! (And wonder at the surprise coming next week).

Xenos | Nov 13, 2014 09:47 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - 11/7/14

Sorry for the delay, I think I was playing Destiny Friday night when this was posted! If you haven't already read, this update laid out a lot of the upcoming changes to be made/added to Destiny like Fireteam chat channels, new shaders, and a lot more. There's also some shots of areas to be found in the coming DLC. Looking pretty! (Also in our database.)

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Nov 8, 2014 08:53 pm | link

Bungie Spookly Update - October 31, 2014

The Halloween edition of the Bungie Weekly Update has been posted, and DeeJ covers some questions I'm sure a lot of us had about the Dark Below (like the fact that we'll all get 5 additional Bounty slots, even if we don't buy the expansion). And of course an update from the DOC covering the Monkey errors popping up after the recent update. Happy Halloween! (Here, too.)
TAGS: bwu, Halloween
Xenos | Oct 31, 2014 03:32 pm | link

Your Weekly Dose

This week's Bungie Weekly Update is now available for our consumption. Lots of information about changes we can expect for the next Iron Banner event (some pretty hefty alterations in there!), as well as our now-usual DOC report and Legend of the Week. Go check it out! UPDATE: Local copy here now too!

TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Oct 24, 2014 05:33 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - 10/17

The Weekly Update is out and about over at Bungie.Net and localized here at DBO as well. More coverage on the weapon balancing that happened last week and what will be happening in the future with tweaks to the Raid. There's also a bit on connection issues, another Legend of the Week, and a farewell to the Mailsack.

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Oct 18, 2014 01:35 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update - 10/10

Head on over to Bungie.Net for the latest Deej has to offer the community. If you thought some of the competition was strange in the Iron Banner, it sounds like Bungie has noticed it too. Deej sits down with Designer Derek Carroll and talks about what exactly is balanced versus leveled in the event. It sounds like next time the Iron Banner unfurls, it will play out differently. The other biggie in the update is the status on added voice features: we'll get the details on those potential additions next week.

You can also read it on DBO here.

TAGS: bwu
Leviathan | Oct 10, 2014 08:15 pm | link

Weekly Update 10/3

This week's Bungie Weekly Update is now live over on Topics cover the Cryptarch's tune-up, a new "Legend of the Week" feature, a Bungie Store update, and our regularly-scheduled Mail Sack. Go give it a read! (There's a local copy, too.)
TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Oct 3, 2014 04:06 pm | link

Weekly Update and Destiny Soundtrack

The Bungie Weekly Update landed early today with the announcement of the long-awaited Destiny Original Soundtrack! You can grab it now from iTunes and the Update says that more information is coming next week about further availability. The full album (which I have yet to finish listening to) clocks in at over 2 hours, 18 minutes, which is right around the limit of a 2-CD set.

There's also an interview with Invigorate, the first clan to beat the Vault of Glass on hard mode, a mysterious coin hunt in the Tower, and another Mail Sack for your perusal.

Beorn | Sep 26, 2014 05:25 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: Stats Fun & Renders

We'll eventually have a local copy of the update but for now you can head on over to Bungie.Net for some fun statistics on how many ridiculous hours players have already poured into Destiny, some even in the form of Lord of the Rings units, heh! There's also some info and interviews regarding the Raid and the first Raid victors.

If you don't normally read the Update, it's still worth checking out simply for the link to a series of posts from Bungie artists revealing some of their work in the game, from environment art to vehicle and weapon renders. They're not only desktop-worthy, they're inspiring!

TAGS: bwu, art, renders, raid
Leviathan | Sep 19, 2014 06:50 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update: It Has Begun.

The first Bungie Weekly Update after the launch is a little light on details, but who noticed, we're all playing the game! Some information on the issue on college campuses as well as reiterating the upcoming events. Claude posted it locally too.

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Sep 13, 2014 11:26 am | link

Bungie Weekly Update: Destiny Launch Edition

This is it guys. The BWU has been posted. The last one before Destiny. Go read it (it's a good one!), and try not to die of excitement before Tuesday.
TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Sep 5, 2014 05:23 pm | link

Penultimate Bungie Weekly Update

This week’s Bungie Weekly Update has been posted! This week it goes over the ad campaign they have running (including the billboards in NYC we posted about earlier this week), as well as a Q&A with Luke Smith covering raids. In case you didn’t know, only 10 days until Destiny comes out! (SigbiasSilva pointed it out on the forum also).

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Aug 29, 2014 05:45 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update, Only 2 Updates Left!

DeeJ posted the latest Bungie Weekly Update, this week focusing on how ridiculously close the game is to releasing! Also a few other surprises in store, and as usual a mail sack. Go read it and keep that hype going until September 9th! Claude also posted the local version. (Thanks for pointing it out in the forums, ireallylovelists) 

TAGS: bwu
Xenos | Aug 22, 2014 11:26 pm | link

Zero hour, 9am

The most recent Bungie Weekly Update contains a lot of tears - tears from Bungie devs who said goodbye to their Beta guardians for the last time. Now it's your turn. There's also a little info about Gamescom, starting this week, and some user questions (and DeeJ answers). Go read! (It's local, as usual, as well.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Aug 11, 2014 11:10 am | link

Buried in Stats

The latest Bungie Weekly Update looks back at the Beta - there's a beautiful infographic with a load of stats... and more. Go read it. (You can do so locally, if you choose.) Thanks, GrimBrother IV.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Aug 1, 2014 05:48 pm | link

Bungie Weekly Update - Beta Beginnings

It's Friday, so there's a new Bungie Weekly Update - and you should read it. It's (well, duh) focused on the Beta, and what is going on right now. (Are you going to be near your console tomorrow at 2pm PDT? You have a chance - in a very small window - to play in a special Crucible event at that point.) Want to know more? Read it for yourself. (We have a local copy, should you need it.) Thanks to SigbiasSilva for kicking off the thread on our forum.

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jul 18, 2014 10:25 pm | link

It's All About the Beta

The Bungie Weekly Update this week is focused on the upcoming Beta - swing by to read a summary of all the good stuff released on Bungie Day, plus answers to burning questions that have sprouted up since. Thanks to Xenos for letting our forum know! (It's local, too, for those who need or want it.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jul 11, 2014 11:21 pm | link

And the rockets' red glare...

Bungie Weekly Update appears on Fridays, most weeks. Since tomorrow is a pretty big holiday in the US, it's been dropped a day early - and it's chock-full of goodies for you. (Thanks, GrimBrother IV!) There are 5 new panoramas, showing off gorgeous Destiny landscapes... and Xenos even pointed out where redditor plattinator dropped them into a viewer on, so you can actually view them in the round. There are details about Bungie's presence at RTX this weekend, and the ability of conventiongoers to play a little bit. There's a wonderful bit about where the money for the Alpha Commemorative t-shirt is going. And there's a new mail sack. All in all, it's a collection of info you shouldn't pass up. (You can even read it here, on DBO, if you choose.) Enjoy your 4th!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jul 3, 2014 11:38 pm | link

Cheevos and Trophies and Betas, Oh My!

Want some Destiny info? Stop by and read the latest Weekly Update. Urk answers burning questions and takes potshots at DeeJ. Go read it all, and throw your two cents into the forum thread opened by Xenos! (You can, as always, read a local copy if it pleases you.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 27, 2014 11:16 pm | link

Done and Dusted.

This afternoon, the Bungie Weekly Update was posted - and everyone should spend a few minutes reading it. It's great. Bungie's response to the Dinklage voiceover kerfluffle is simply hilarious. (There are also some impressive stats from just a short Alpha window, some great screenshots taken by fans, and a passel of questions and answers that will make you laugh and groan in turn.) As always, there's a local version in our Weekly Update Archive, if you need it. Thanks to Xenos for the heads-up!

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 20, 2014 09:09 pm | link

To the Stars

The last Bungie Weekly Update before E3 has dropped (thanks, GrimBrother IV)  - go check out a cool new screenshot, some info about what's coming next week, and some answers to fan questions. Definitely worth your time! Go read. (We have a local version, of course - amazingly, no sneaky insert is needed this time to tell you about it.)

TAGS: bwu
Claude Errera | Jun 6, 2014 02:48 pm | link

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