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These guys are all talk

redditor FWCReddit compiled a LOT of quotes from Non-Player Characters in the Tower during the Destiny Alpha, and has transcribed these in a couple of reddit posts (Part 1 | Part 2). It's fascinating - go explore! Thanks, Yapok.

Claude Errera | Jul 6, 2014 11:08 pm | link

Assessing the Assets

DestinyNews did a nice job of collecting screenshots of all the weapons they came across in the Alpha - swing by to see the Weapons and Armor pages! I'm drooling to see how big these lists will become in the actual game... thanks, INSANEdrive.

Claude Errera | Jun 24, 2014 03:27 pm | link

Dawn of the Montage of the Alpha

TheReachWay and Snabobo teamed up to put together a slick Destiny Alpha montage showing off their FPS skills - and TheReachWay's video editing skills! Check out "Dawn".

TAGS: Alpha, Montage
ncsuDuncan | Jun 22, 2014 09:47 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Destiny Special: Strike

The last segment of the Anger, Sadness, and Envy Special Look at the Destiny Alpha went live today - narcogen let us know that's coverage of the Alpha Strike is up. Check it!

Claude Errera | Jun 20, 2014 09:03 pm | link

What's it like to carry the light?

Stephen Laughlin spent some time in the Tower while playing the Destiny Alpha - and he's got some great NPC dialogue to show for it. Go watch!

Claude Errera | Jun 20, 2014 08:58 pm | link

Destiny Music, Recorded from the Alpha

heroics.pngOozer3993 visited with a pretty cool offering; he recorded as much music from the Alpha as he could (with minimal background noise). There are 15 pieces, some just fragments, some entire passages. All are worth hearing! He posted them on a filesharing site, but we've added a local mirror to his post, for ease of use. Zipped package is under 60 mb.

TAGS: alpha, music
Claude Errera | Jun 19, 2014 03:31 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Destiny Special: Multiplayer

Narcogen, Blackstar, and Cody Miller continue their look at the Destiny Alpha with Anger, Sadness and Envy Special: Destiny Alpha Part 5, focusing on The Crucible. Discussion revolves around how the various features of Destiny's multiplayer affect your actual gameplay experience. Go watch!

Claude Errera | Jun 19, 2014 03:09 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Destiny Special: Exploration

Narcogen, Blackstar, and Cody Miller got back together for another segment of the Anger, Sadness, and Envy take on the Destiny Alpha; this time, it's a discussion of the Alpha's Exploration mode. Optimism and pessimism, all mixed into the same discussion! Go listen.

Claude Errera | Jun 18, 2014 06:06 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Special: Destiny Alpha

Over at, the latest episode of Anger, Sadness, and Envy focuses on the Destiny Alpha; Cody Miller describes what he experienced, and answers questions for Narcogen and Blackstar. It's pretty interesting how much trouble he has getting his point across sometimes... it really does seem like it's hard to grok what Destiny brings to the table without actually playing it.

Claude Errera | Jun 17, 2014 04:36 pm | link

All Good Things Must End

We'd like to apologize for the lack of timeliness - but you might have noticed some of your PS4 friends playing the Destiny Alpha today, even though it was supposed to end yesterday. Bungie pushed the deadline out a bit - this was tweeted at midnight last night:

As of this writing, though, it's over:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Claude Errera | Jun 16, 2014 06:12 pm | link

Mama Said Knock You Out

Gamecheat took one look at the Titan melee animation and immediately thought of the perfect song for his Destiny Alpha montage. Listen to the bass go BOOM!

TAGS: Alpha, Montage
ncsuDuncan | Jun 15, 2014 06:21 pm | link

Public Alpha for PS4 Launches on 6/12

Sony has announced that a 4-day Destiny First Look Alpha will be available for PS4 owners starting this Thursday, June 12th! If you have a PS4, you'll need to sign up at the PS4 GreatnessAwaits site by June 11th, so be sure to register!

Update: This article previously stated that the Alpha would last three days, but it appears to be four (June 12-15).

TAGS: E3-2014, alpha
Beorn | Jun 9, 2014 06:39 pm | link

Translating the Fallen

Ragashingo started a thread on our forum after visually connecting two pieces of Destiny concept art, but an observation from Pyromancy refocused the conversation onto the translation of the Fallen alphabet seen in various posters, shirts, and other media. It's no surprise that the two investigators (and a few others) have already made some interesting progress. There's always more to discover, though, so stop by the forum thread and see if you can lend a hand!

ncsuDuncan | Aug 18, 2013 07:38 pm | link

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