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ODST for XB1 Removes Destiny Easter Egg

Interesting… Halo 3: ODST just shipped for Xbox One, and it looks like the famous, oracular “Destiny Awaits” in-game teaser poster has been changed for this release. The Earth and Traveler is now the Earth and Moon (although the arrangement is similar), the title text now reads, “For Her,” and a Misriah Armory logo adorns the bottom. Legalities are to blame, I presume, but it's still sad to see that egg get erased from the game. (Screenshot from NeoGAF).

TAGS: odst, poster
Beorn | May 30, 2015 09:03 pm | link

DBO Giveaway Reminder

Just your friendly-neighborhood DBO reminding you that you still have a little time to head over to the contest page and drop in your name for a chance at a Destiny Poster Collection or Destiny Journal from Insight Editions. Submissions end at 18:01 PM, UTC, Monday, March 16. (That's 2pm Monday afternoon, ET, 11 am Monday morning, PT, and so on.)

Leviathan | Mar 15, 2015 09:25 pm | link

Gallery of Guardians

Speedracer513 found a collection of creative and colorful phone wallpapers/posters by Noble-6 on Destiny's SubReddit. Pretty!

Leviathan | Feb 10, 2015 12:33 pm | link

Posters with a Purpose

Laird stopped by to let us know that he's put up a pair of autographed Destiny posters for auction on eBay and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Child's Play charity. (Item #1, Item #2) The auctions end on Monday, but get your bid in now if you're interested - it's for a good cause! (Thanks for being awesome, Laird.)

ncsuDuncan | Oct 1, 2014 10:06 pm | link

Visit Your Local Infested Planetoid Today!

We got tipped that Noble--6 crafted up some neat posters - a few focusing on the locations you visit in Destiny and others highlighting the playable classes. Check out his DeviantArt Folder for all of 'em.

Leviathan | Sep 29, 2014 07:36 pm | link

Alternate Poster Art commissioned a number of Destiny posters by different artists in a variety of styles. There's some pretty neat pieces in there! (Found through The Geeky Nerfherder.)

Leviathan | Sep 12, 2014 01:08 pm | link

An Epic Poster of Adventure and Exploration

Deviant art user shrimpy99 made this stunningly simple Destiny poster that would look great printed out as alternate box art. I'd take credit for finding this, but naturally Hedge pointed it out over a week ago!

TAGS: FanArt, poster
ncsuDuncan | May 4, 2014 08:59 pm | link

Coming Soon to a Photoshop Near You

Voting has opened up for the Destiny Movie Poster contest that started with last week's mail sack. Head over to this gallery on the Bungie Facebook page and cast your vote with a "Like" on the image of your choosing. Be sure to revisit the contest thread if you'd like to see all of the entries!

ncsuDuncan | Jul 31, 2013 09:31 pm | link

Seven challenges. Seven prizes.

Bungie Day 2013

Bungie Day is here, heralding the midpoint of Bungie Week, and with it comes a handful of short-fuse contests on the forum. Time is short - the deadline for submissions is TODAY. (Presumably midnight Pacific time, though you might be able to squeak by with an overnight entry.) Submissions will be judged by DeeJ's fellow employees, and each winner will receive a Destiny poster signed by Team Bungie. There are seven contests to enter, so visit the threads below for details on how to craft something legendary for each one:

If you were hoping for more on Bungie Day Actual, keep in mind that this year the festivities have been stretched to fill an entire Bungie Week:

Though today may be Bungie Day in the traditional sense, the event will continue beyond the Se7enth. And that is the Tru7h. Our celebration continues tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Comforting words from! (Thanks, MrPadraig08.)

ncsuDuncan | Jul 7, 2013 04:51 pm | link

More promo art than Daikatana

A week ago, we mentioned a movie poster, whipped up by Firestream, to celebrate Destiny, the Movie. Today, Bungie highlighted a new version - same movie, more badass poster!

Go check it out, grab a copy for yourself!
Claude Errera | Mar 18, 2013 05:42 pm | link

I wanna know who's in it.

Firestream whipped up a movie poster for 'Destiny' - I'm almost sold, but I need to know who's under that Fallen mask.

Claude Errera | Mar 8, 2013 07:12 am | link

Deciphering before you buy

Bungie's selling a pretty nice ship poster on their store - the preview shows a bunch of writing that's far too small to make out. If you're one of those people who likes to know what they're getting, stop into this thread in our forum - Xenos received his poster yesterday, and took some pics. (There's one in the opening post, and another pair in this post.) Helpful!

Claude Errera | Mar 1, 2013 06:53 am | link

Is it too late to pre-order?

Looks like a few more promotional materials have been spotted over at NeoGAF: Jarmel snapped a pic of the Destiny standee in his Gamestop, while HiredN00bs pointed out a (Europe exclusive?) Cabal variant of the pre-order poster.

ncsuDuncan | Feb 19, 2013 05:20 pm | link

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