Wat, a sensible and informative GeeVee post? What a week... (Destiny)

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Quick explanation for the confused:

This set of arms was in Destiny 2:

The symbol on them has a resemblance to a symbol (the most popular one out of many) used to represent "Kekistan":

As you can see, the "Kekistan" symbol has a vertical component and a fourth horizontal bar in the middle not present in the armor design, and the armor has a vertical bar on either side of the design not present on the other symbol. I believe it's a coincidence, they're both symbols made of straight lines with a few diagonals. As of now it's been replaced by a more generic-looking tape-wrapped piece of armor.
"Kekistan" is a proposed nation for various right-wing or conservative groups. It's unclear if it was first proposed by 4chan or Reddit, or how serious the proposal was, many have said since it first appeared that it was meant to satirize the many previous proposals of a new nation for conservatives, or a "/pol/ nation", or a nation "only for whites" (and there have been many of these proposals by various groups, which themselves are almost never serious even if the people participating treat them seriously).
People commonly associate it with 4chan, 4chan's /pol/ board, white nationalism, fascism, and various other things, but like anything from that corner of the Internet it's not pinned down so easily.
It's not inherently linked to white nationalism or Nazism so much as it's linked to almost everything on the social and political fringes that isn't leftist or liberal, including libertarianism, fascism, and several other ideologies. No one owns the flag, the banner, the symbol, or any of it.
("kek", by the way, also has nebulous origins, it may come from players of World of Warcraft because of text filtering it did, or from players of Starcraft because its popularity in Korea where laughter is represented as "kekeke", it may come from people mistyping "lel" which itself is a spinoff of "lol", some people even say it comes from a Finnish snack food called "Topkek")
Apparently some people are getting all up in arms about this. I haven't seen much of that, although there's going to be more than I've seen. What I have seen (where I've been the last few hours) is tons of people getting in a tizzy about people getting up in arms about this. (It always amazes me how people get offended over other people getting offended, especially when they say that offended is dumb while they're doing it themselves.)
I think the whole thing doesn't matter one bit and no one will be thinking about it in a few weeks.

Totally agree.

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