'Waypoint' Claims Racist Logo in Destiny 2 (Destiny)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 18:29 (285 days ago) @ electricpirate

I had never heard of this, but apparently it's either a white supremacist rallying image or an anti-white supremacist trolling image depending on what part of the internet you click through to. I initially read about it on Game Informer, but here is the original article.

- MacGyver10

It's from the white supremacist board at 4chan, and it was found on the shields of the alt right in Charlottesville. It's also based on the design of a nazi flag. Id say it's just straight white supremacist even if it's spawned of irreverent internet stufff.

Good on bungie for their handling here

I had a whole thing typed up and I accidentally lost it. Suffice it to say, the board you're talking about (/pol/) is a lot more complicated than being "the white nationalist board", the symbol itself isn't based on the Nazi flag (the flag it's often used on is however), and someone bad using a symbol doesn't make the symbol bad. Please do not view things so simply. (No I'm not defending the people that use the symbol, not that those people are even all the same.)

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