'Waypoint' Claims Racist Logo in Destiny 2 (Destiny)

by RaichuKFM @, Northeastern Ohio, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 12:00 (282 days ago) @ MacGyver10

Seems like a complete coincidence to me, but removing it is the best course of action, I think.

It's Bungie's prerogative to change things to better ensure that nobody playing is offended or hurt, and say what you will about censorship, this really didn't seem like they were bowing to pressure and compromising their vision but rather taking steps to better reflect said vision in reality, and not just some magical, contextless, no detail can be compromised vaccuum. I feel like people are probably crying out otherwise, though, though I haven't gone looking for it.

I first heard about this looking at Bungie's twitter and seeing a notice about it being removed, so, it seems like they're on top of it.

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