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Also when you leave the city and are following the bird… the epic music plays and plays and plays… even as seemingly nothing is happening after you kill all the enemies.

That was most definitely a conscious artistic choice, one I believe was the right one. That music section is an emotionally powerful string quartet playing while there is close-to-little gunplay. (Played by the Kronos Quartet, possibly the most famous string quartet in the world.)

It's designed to set a mood: When else do you remember ever hearing a string section by itself in Destiny? (I don't think that ever happened in the entirety of D1's OST, although someone please let me know if I'm wrong.) It highlights the fact that you fell from power, lost your abilities, and you're on your own. Even if you turn left and fall off the cliff (like I did the first time) the music keeps playing continuously.

I haven't noticed any other times during gameplay when music seemed inappropriate, as you describe. Perhaps they were trying to accomplish something different with the sound design than what you expected.

These are great points Marmot. Some of it partially deduced from the interview of Mike with Kate Remington from WSHU/NPR? I know personally I don't think I really put it all together until I heard the interview.

I noticed the issue with music not triggering a stop in a number of other places during my playthrough. Yes, my first and only playthrough so far and no sorry I do not do video capture or have any proof.
I was not in any particular hurry to beat a level (nor finish the game). Instead I stopped to 'smell the roses'. I love audio, I enjoyed the scenery, gawked at sky-boxes, looked at visual details, tried to find my way out of levels and break the game, shoot windows walls and textures, find secrets, destroy environment pieces, discover alternate paths, reach the highest point in the city, etc. If you stop or explore, the music tends to not stop, quiet down, or adapt to you and your gameplay.

I've been looking for a video/interview and I can't find it. I couldn't find it so I decided not to stick my nose into the other topic a week ago regarding this issue.
Anyone remember an interview with Marty where he talks about the active music timing out in response to your game action or after a set amount of time of 'inactivity'. Was it called "The Marty Timer" or something like that? (or maybe somehow I made that up?)

This was something close I could find through rudimentary search:
Remember The Stripey Room? :)

Timestamps 5:18-6:43; 7:18-7:36; 11:30-End

Timestamps 0:56-2:46;

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