Be like Marty (Destiny)

by marmot 1333 @, Sunday, October 15, 2017, 09:53 (2168 days ago) @ Pyromancy

These are great points Marmot. Some of it partially deduced from the interview of Mike with Kate Remington from WSHU/NPR? I know personally I don't think I really put it all together until I heard the interview.

No, I haven't heard that, actually. I'll have to find it.

I was just really struck by that music the first time I played through, and paid special attention the other two times. I thought the music was perfect for the section.

When I beat the campaign the first time I was watching the credits and saw Kronos Quartet listed and got really excited, then connected the dots. I saw them perform in Seattle last year and it was a fantastic performance, highly recommended.

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