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This hurts:

In the months to come, your quest to become more powerful will have more avenues that lead to satisfaction. The last thing we wanted was for you to look at your favorite gun or helmet and decide that it had become obsolete. Since the reveal, we’ve read a lot of ideas for how this could have been done better. Your feedback is clear: The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected.

So, this blurb here has been floating around in some form predominately since last week, like a sailor going port to port. Like a community bicycle. It was only a matter of time until it found its way here. How could it not? It checks off all the social media boxes. It's brainlessly easy to copy and paste, and the blerb its self is poignant enough that its message, when mixed current sentiment towards sunsetting, is obvious...and I HATE IT.

I'm possibly about to go full on "Yells at cloud" here, as I suspect I'm about to go against the grain. On the same coin, if it does appear that way, it only self reinforces what I dislike about this so intensely. I'm going to do my utmost to keep this within the realm of Destiny, because this easily bleeds into other things as well. This isn't directed at anyone. Blue, you are as much a victim (or whatever the right blasted word would be) as any of us can be. I know I'm not immune either, to this brave new world that gets so blindly built. How can I? Every day the water gets a little deeper, and not enough folks seem to care that we are getting set up through such mechanisms as market forces to drown in our own shit because the hive mind gets so easily abused and molded from the well known base instincts that commands it.

Eh shit... YA SEE! Geeze, I think need to add a layer to my spinfoil hat too...oh this is going to be difficult... Destiny Only... Destiny Only... MMMM...

My subconscious alarm bells ring when I see this. And I as ever, don't know why. BUT! For this post, I'm going to try and spell it out. What could possibly go wrong./s

FIRST; As is obvious from the date 2014, this is for Destiny 1. And I know, you could argue relevancy to it. Yet, to me, its a false equivalence. Destiny 1 is not Destiny 2. It may be of the same cloth, but each have their own character. If there is something to say about the modern proposed future of Destiny 2, use what you have with Destiny 2.

SECOND; It's a lazy argument. It demands to exist, with out due exercise as of why it should be even considered. The fact the argument exists is not enough.

Third and Final; It's so OPEN. It conforms to whatever subtle differential argument you might have. What it means for Person 1 may be different then what it means for Person 2. It doesn't matter though, eh, as long as we think were are saying the same thing.


Every time this gets posted and spreads about, I can't help but think that it reeks of pretense in cleverness. It's as if posting this everywhere is the height of rebuttal. To me, it exists no more to be smug and or feel good, because it's easy, and it feels like it says something when you don't consider things as mentioned.

Disclaimer: I am IN NO WAY presently a fan of Sunsetting for Destiny 2, or possibly whatever else this quote may be used to "refute", but DAM IT! A little decorum and consideration goes a long way. Just, if there is something to say then SAY IT, don't spray it, yes? There is plenty of content to reference from without digressing into the argument methodology of playground children or political pundits, though I repeat myself. I also may have insulted the whole of the worlds children, and to that end I apologize.

SIDENOTE: Back 2015 was the BIG in-movie "Back to the Future" anniversary, which I suspect is when our timeline split into...well here we are. At this point there was all sorts of fervor about this, and naturally all the talk shows were doing SOMETHING about it. Kimmel did a big bit about it. At one point, as I link to the segment on YouTube that I can't guarantee will always work, they talk about smartphones. The reaction that Christopher Lloyd presents though Doc Brown, is perfect.

"Great Scott! It's a Tiny Supercomputer. This must allow Astrophysicists to triangulate complex... equations... in real time!"

To which Kimmel replys: "Yeaaah! Well, I guess it probably could do that, but mainly we primarily use it to send little smiley faces to each other." To which received a laugh, real or otherwise.

It's haunted me ever since.

Alright... time to go re-adjust the spinfoil.

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