And they pull me back in. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, May 22, 2020, 14:03 (197 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

He didn’t say it explicitly, I guess, but doesn’t the quote he posted and bolded essentially make that point?


I knew when I was posting that I was jumping into a brier patch. Yet I had to give it a go. I'd like to elaborate further, using in part what I've already put down but I honestly wonder if it would be worth the effort at this time. Damed if I do, will anyone understand? Does anyone even want to understand? Damed it I don't, present status quo.

I gotta ask... what ELSE does that quote imply?

I've seen it all over the place, too - and in every case that I can remember, the person posting it was doing so for the same reason that Blue was doing it. To me, it's a pretty obvious implication, and the idea that it was made in D1, and so doesn't really apply to D2 is nonsensical. Either you respect your users' time, or you don't.

I disagree. D1 is not D2. Y'all raided recently, and no doubt you felt the subtle differences. But let us for a moment entertain the concept that D1 = D2 or what have you. Well then folks, if that truly is the case, then ALL THIS EMOTION AND TEXT AFTER TEXT AND RANT AFTER RANT... is bullshit. Then Sunsetting is a good idea, and we the entire fanbase have simply grown gluttonous. Shoot, it might still be the case, how are we to know until we get there. I agree it sure doesn't feel that way right now.

You blew up after ONE post (Bluerunner's). Nobody else here had mentioned that post at all.

But wait... let's back up a step. You're saying that the only way I can say that if that statement applies to D1, that it should apply to D2, is if I agree that they're the same game?

I don't buy that argument for a second.

Bungie hasn't made a loot game before... but let's say they'd come out with Halo: Reach, and said "we've decided Saved Films are too much trouble, we're not including them any more", I'd have been unhappy. For the same reason I'm unhappy here. And I would argue that Halo: Reach is NOT Halo 3.

It's not about them being the same game. It's about them doing something, getting community backlash for it, APOLOGIZING BECAUSE THEY HADN'T CONSIDERED THE CONSEQUENCES... and then doing it again anyway.

Yes, they did this in D1. Yes, we all know that - that quote came from the backlash from that very action! "We sunset a lot of weapons, we hadn't realized it would make you feel like we disrespected you, we won't do that again." That's what they were saying.

And yet, here they are again, doing it again.

No, the sky won't fall. Doesn't mean I'm not disappointed that present-day Bungie decided the lesson that 5-years-ago Bungie learned wasn't relevant any more.

My protest is of the Hive Mind.

Okay, I guess I understand that - but did you really believe that Bluerunner (of all people) was blindly hive-minding along rather than think that maybe he really was disappointed by the change in attitude?

You jumped on him as though you were totally sick of the flood of repeated arguments... when, in reality (as you even acknowledged), his was the FIRST instance of that argument here. That seems pretty unfair of you.

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