Weapon *whiplash* in action (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 12:14 (417 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

Also, not everyone will care about this, but lots of players care about their masterwork kill counters. For those players, it sucks to have to reacquire their favourite weapon, AND lose their kill count in the process. Why not just let them infuse their original up?

This is a great example of one of the most serious disconnects in Destiny right now. There are many mechanisms in the game that promote becoming invested in your gear or collecting things, while at the same time they keep making changes that make it incredibly un-fun to manage being invested in your gear or collecting.

I really get the feeling that some part of Bungie wants Destiny to become a completely transient game, where the only things that matter are the current things. But this is almost entirely incompatible with the foundation that's been previously laid of long-term connection to gear and items. The whiplash from these changes are the 1000 cuts that lead to fatigue and apathy with the game despite the fantastic gameplay and super-fun new (real not bounties) content.

Agreed. It seems to be a gross oversight. Than again, it's obvious a VISION has been established, now that we know that they have the next two years coursed out in some degree. It occurs to me that this discrepancy we are seeing may be like... growing pains? It's a touch lousy comparison, but hear me out. Before hand, D1 and perhaps Early D2, there was only this more-or-less vague idea of things (a "What is the Darkness? We don't know either") that canonically came about mixing gameplay and "story elements". It seems to me thinking back that at some points things may have been proposed in a more organic way, as there was no real set path. Sky...er Tech is the limit. Then we come to now, and the road is set it seems. The overgrowth must be trimmed. It's not so much growing, but evolving.

Problem is... we are still here because we enjoyed what was being made. Well, most of the time any way. We enjoyed what it was at one point or another. All these ideas and variants of how the game plays. Early D1 is different to Late D1. Early D2 is a WHOLE'NOTHER game, and things have shifted and changed since then.

Returning back to the subject at hand, it seems like all of this... ... ...STUPID, (lets keep it simple,) is a result of some bulldozer mindset in cleaning up from ideas now considered "outdated". Where then we go; AH! You destroyed the thingy the supplies dinglbat to the whositwhatit! Then Bungie goes; Do we have time to fix what the community feels is broken? I guess we'll patch up the loose ends, and destroy it properly later.

Such as... guns that are essentially THE SAME can not infuse their ability to survive the sunset. DUH!

Attached is a picture of Destiny 2 as it works to prepare the road for future years and seasons.


I’ve been thinking, this all feels like the negative aspects of leaving D2 behind and jumping on board with a full blown “D3” sequel, with very few of the upsides, lol.

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